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DoDD Compliance

Providers must comply with Medicaid and Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DoDD) requirements. The Fuse Network team is available to consult on compliance-related questions and concerns. 


Wellness Check - The best time to prepare for a compliance review is BEFORE you receive notice that a pending review will be scheduled.  Periodically proactively auditing your organization's compliance is best practice as well as prevention toward having a bad review. Our team can provide on-site and remote audit support.

Systems & Processes - Incorporating compliance into the organization's day to day procedures through processes and systems supports a culture of compliance and awareness.  Systems and processes reduce stress of compliance reviews and administrative effectiveness and efficiencys.  

Additional Services:

  • Ensuring you have all the necessary documentation for compliance

  • Assisting with DODD policies and procedures

  • Assist with verifying all your employees have all the necessary DODD training

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